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Mini SD Card Accessories

There are numerous mini SD card accessories that are necessary to use the mini SD card, such as readers and adapters. A reader is used to transfer files from your SD card to your computer. You plug in the mini reader to a USB port, and then you can insert the card into it. The reader will read the card and have the ability to recognize the files on it. Sometimes reading the card on your computer is a problem because many computers cannot read micro SD cards. There are readers that can be purchased that will perform this task so that the card can be read. Mini SD card readers are fairly inexpensive, with some models costing as low as a few dollars.

One popular brand mini SD card reader costs around $25, and it is able to read SD, SDHC, and micro SD. It enables the transfer of files between a PDA, digital camera, or cell phone and a computer with a high speed USB 2.0 for fast data transfer. No other card adaptors are needed, and it is also compatible with USB 1.1. The device is complete with a cap that can be kept on the opposite end during use, and it also has a spot on the cap where a carrying strap can be attached. Another highly rated card reader has a 5-slot reader plus a USB 2.0 connector on its opposite end. It can be used to transfer in two ways. This model is PC and Mac compatible and is very fast in transferring data. It has a one year warranty.

Another accessory is the mini SD card adapter that is required for adding data to a micro SD card. An adapter enables different types of SD cards to be used on a computer. Adapters are very inexpensive, but if cameras and other devices are different, it may be necessary to have a mini SD to SD memory card adapter, a micro SD and micro SDHC to SD adapter, and a micro SD to mini SD adapter. Adapters are often used on cell phones, such as the smart phone that takes a mini SD card. If you only have a Micro SD card, an adapter allows the micro card to work instead. Adapters are usually purchased to enable SD cards to be used in devices that require other cards, mainly because of convenience if you already have one particular card. Another reason that they are frequently purchased is that they have a very low price that is cheaper than buying a different type of SD card.

Another convenient accessory to have is a mini SD card combo that is both a reader and an adapter, all in one device. One brand offers the ability to read and write 12 different card formats. Some of these are SD, SDHC, micro SD, mini SD, and others. Its direct USB 2.0 high-speed file transfer moves information from memory cards used in MP3 players, digital cameras, or cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, and others. This reader/writer sells for about $10. The same company also has a reader/writer that can read 56 different card formats, making it simple to transfer high speed files from multimedia devices to a computer. It can immediately transfer music to a computer, and it has a universal memory bank that makes it easy to use anywhere. This reader/writer sells for about $20. There are other brands and styles of card combos that are available from a variety of companies. They all make it fast and easy to transfer information from a multimedia device to a computer or from the computer to the device.

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