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Mini Projectors for the iPhone and iPad

Mini projectors for the iPhone and iPad are available so that users can view photos or films on a larger screen instead of on their small screens. Projectors are also popular for playing games that are much easier to play on a larger screen. They are frequently used in business or in educational settings for presentations as well since the image is transferred from the small iPhone or iPad screen to one that is substantially larger. The AAXA Portable Pico Pocket Projector is very small, but it can project large images up to 50 inches. This tiny projector is only one inch thick. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

There is also a very small pocket projector, the Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector that is capable of projecting images up to 60 inches in size. It uses DLP Pico technology and is sold with an iPhone/iPod connector. Another popular model is the BenQ Joybee GP2 PICO Projector that is very lightweight, can fit into the palm of a hand, and is sold with an iPhone and iPod touch dock built into the device. It can charge the iPhone or iPad as it projects images from it. This projector can store up to 2GV of multimedia files, and it supports connections like mini USB and SD reader, as well as HDMI and composite. Media up to 80 inches can be projected from this device that is great for personal use or for business.

The MiLi Pro Video Projector is designed for the iPhone and iPad. With up to a 40 inch screen size and maximum resolution of 640×480, images can be seen clearly in smaller rooms. An added convenience is that this projector folds up into a compact form. Another mini projector that was actually designed to be a toy is able to project up to 60 inches. It has built-in speakers and is affordable. Connectors must be purchased separately for the iPhone and iPod.

Some mini projectors are designed specifically for the iPad3, such as the Shenzhen FREE280 Mini Projector. This product can be placed on a tripod and used for business presentations or in a home theater. It can also be used for the iPhone or iPod. This projector supports external DVD/TV/game consoles and other equipment. It can be used as the AV cable, speaker, and charger of an iPhone or iPod. This product is affordable and comes with many accessories, including the Pico projector, an iPhone holder, tripod, USB cable, and AV cable.

Another best-selling projector is the Pocket Type DLP Projector and Backup Battery Charger Case for iPhone by Shenzhen. Designed to be used with the iPhone 4, it charges the iPhone after the projector battery is full when it is plugged into a PC or electrical outlet. Another company, Guangzhou, makes a mini projector for the iPhone 3g/3gs/4g/4s. This model has an AV Out connection for a TV and multimedia output T projection. It is sold as a complete package with necessary cables and a tripod.

Many projectors are sold in bundles that include all necessary parts to begin viewing. Another model is the PP003 Portable Pocket Projector. It can play videos or music, and it also plays music or it also shows photos from an SD card. This projector uses LCoS Optical Technology with LED and connects with an AV port of DVD, mobile phone, or multimedia player device for projection. A small tripod can be purchased separately for just over $2.00.

New brands, styles, and models of mini projectors are continually flooding the market with many choices for consumers. Best of all, these items are sold at very affordable prices that many people can afford.

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