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Mini projectors have many uses in business today, and one of the most common of these is for showing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Presentations are simple to organize on PowerPoint, and many types of charts can be made in a matter of minutes. Computer generated slides look professional and finished, and they save hours of time. Mini projectors are able to enlarge charts or written information so that many people in a room are able to see the information on a screen. Businesses use mini projectors for training new employees and to educate workers about new products or procedures.

Other businesses use mini projectors for marketing purposes. They are often used at trade shows to promote services that are offered. When guests stop to watch a short presentation, seeing the business offerings of the company in action is usually more effective than having a   representative explain how the organization can benefit the client. These small projectors are also often used in waiting rooms where clients or patients wait. They can display something educational, or they may be used just for entertainment purposes. Many doctor’s offices have a TV set mounted on the wall, and a mini projector shows helpful health information to patients as they wait.

MiniProjectors.net is a great place to find projectors that are designed for business use. Some of the best rated mini projectors are the M2 Micro Projector that has a high quality picture and is easy to use. The high resolution and brightness are features to look for that produce the best picture quality, and the M2 has this capability. Its compact size is another positive feature that makes this product one of the best available.  The PocketCinema V50 is another mini projector that is highly rated. It has an easy to use interface is a bonus, plus the pocket size makes it easy to transport for presentations on the go. Other great features are the internal memory and the two-hour battery life.

The Dell M109S On-the-Go mini projector needs a Dell cable to work, but it is designed to show films without the need of fancy options. It can be password protected for security, which is a feature that many businesses prefer. Another highly rated projector with features that businesses want has an on-screen display menu. It also has a variety of port options and has high visibility as well. Although it is a bit heavy, it has variable resolutions and a high brightness. The picture quality is very good, and Acer has been in business since 1976.

Business looking for a very lightweight mini projector may want to look at the Optoma PK301 Pico that weighs only one-half pound. It has a battery that lasts for an hour and has good picture quality, as well as several ports and other features. All of the projectors discussed so far cost about the same amount. A slightly less expensive projector is the Cinemin Swivel model that has a hinge that allows additional image angles to be shown. This model is not the top choice for all businesses, but it will work for some presentations. This is because it can be used only up to 8.5 feet away, and the largest image size is 60 inches. The small size makes it appropriate only for small groups.

Another option for business use is the Samsung SP-H03 that has covered ports that keep them from being damaged. The resolution of the projector does not go beyond 854 x 480, so the picture quality is not as good as on some other brands. Lights in the room where it is used must be low for the clearest images. With so many choices, businesses can choose the mini projector that is best for their purposes.

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